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Motor Home Insurance

A motorhome comes with almost all the comforts of a home, which is no wonder why most people go camping or open road trips on a motorhome. Although convenient, these motorhomes have some risks. At Stewart Agency Inc. in Elmira, NY, we understand the different risks facing motorhome owners. Visit us today for help choosing the right motorhome insurance for your needs.

What Is Motorhome Insurance?

Motorhome insurance is a special type of motor coverage specific to campervans and motorhomes. It can cover you, your vehicle, your passengers, and your belongings from damage resulting from fire, accident, theft, and other perils. Motorhome insurance is a legal requirement in New York, and failure to buy one can attract substantial legal penalties.

Why Do I Need Motorhome Insurance?

Investing in motorhome insurance means complying with New York state traffic laws. It gives you the confidence to drive through Elmira, NY, and other parts of New York without the fear of falling into the hands of the traffic police.

Also, a motorhome gives you peace of mind that you will be compensated should your high-priced asset face insured peril like fire, theft, or accident. Lastly, motorhome insurance may protect you from liability claims should you cause injury or loss of property to other people when using your motorhome.

How Much Does Motorhome Insurance Cost?

Our motorhome insurance premiums vary according to the following:

  • Where you park your motorhome: You are likely to pay higher premiums if you keep it in a risky area where it is exposed to more risks, like on the street rather than in a guarded yard.
  • Driving history: You will likely secure a cheaper policy with a longer no-claim bonus.
  • Vehicle models: Typically, higher-value vehicles attract higher premiums than their lower-value counterparts.
  • Motorhomes Annual mileage: You may pay a higher premium if you use your motorhome frequently due to the high level of exposure to insured risks.
  • Type of coverage needed: Motorhome coverage comes at different prices. Our insurance professionals will take you through our offerings and guide you on the best coverage for your motorhome.

Contact Stewart Agency Inc for Motorhome Insurance

At Stewart Agency, Inc., we provide different types of motorhome insurance to our clients from all ends of New York. We are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about RV insurance. If you live in Elmira, NY, contact us today for an instant solution for your motor coverage needs.