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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boating is an excellent way of exploring the waterways and having fun. However, boat accidents may happen in the middle of the voyage, resulting in unmanageable repair and liability expenses. One way of dealing with these unpredictable perils is obtaining boat/watercraft insurance. At Stewart Agency Inc. in Elmira, NY, we are committed to helping watercraft clients obtain the right policies for an exhilarating on-water experience.

What Is Boat/Watercraft Insurance?

Watercraft insurance is a type of personal insurance policy that protects you from incurring huge costs for repairing your vessel, other peoples’ vessels, docks, or any other object you hit in the event of an accident on the water. It also protects you from financial losses from legal claims from such accidents.

Do I Need Boat/Watercraft Insurance in New York?

Though not a New York state requirement, there are various reasons why you should get boat/watercraft insurance.

First, watercraft insurance will help you cater for the repair of your vessel if it is damaged due to an accident or theft. It may also help you pay for injuries and damages you caused to other people, whether passengers or boaters.

Most private marinas and docks request proof of insurance to allow you to dock at their property, and having watercraft insurance can be convenient.

Further, having the right coverage gives you peace of mind while exploring the waters. In other words, you don’t need to worry about what will happen if an unpredictable event occurs, and you are held liable for medical expenses or damages sustained from it.

How Much Does Boat/Watercraft Insurance Cost?

Watercraft insurance costs vary depending on the boat type, value, speed, condition, size, horsepower, age, the operator’s qualifications, previous accidents, and discount eligibility. It also depends on the type(s) of coverage you choose.

Our New York insurance professionals will examine your vessel, operator, and operation area to guide you on the best coverage options for your vessel.

Contact us For Boat/Watercraft Insurance.

At Stewart Agency Inc. in Elmira, NY, we pride ourselves on helping our clients secure the best insurance policies for their water vessels. If you live in New York and need help finding the best boat insurance, contact us today for quick help.